Portfolio 1-2 examples

I am Greg, I do websites

I am fixing outdated, slow, malfunctioning websites and systems, making them modern and lightning fast again.

Have a fast, modern and efficient website!


I can help you, if...

... you have a small business, work in a nonprofit organization, are head of a big company. If your problem is interesting enough, I will do the job.


I can digitalize most paper or excel based workflows. Let the computer do the repetative work!

Website update

I repair, optimize, and make slow web systems lightning fast and secure again.


I help you discover the digital potential of your business with 10+ years of development experience.


Most of the time, I develop internal administration systems, so I can’t show them directly, but there are some that you can look at.

  • Pannon Egyetem

    Pannon Egyetem

    Automated management of data and permissions for thousands of students, workers, and partners, M365 and LDAP synchronization, and plenty of custom development and challenge.

  • Akzonobel festékgyár

    Akzonobel festékgyár

    It's an internal B2B webshop with a custom CRM system for representatives.

    LaravelBackpack TailwindCss
  • Mancsmeg.hu


    My non-profit project: national database of adoptable animals.

    Forge LaravelBackpack TailwindCss AlpineJs
  • Beosztom.hu


    Family budgeting system.

    Forge Livewire TailwindCss


I am using

Laravel, TailwindCSS, AlpineJs, Livewire, DigitalOcean, Ubuntu, Nginx, Apache, MariDB, Redis, Joomla, WordPress, LDAP, RabbitMQ. Beyond that, I’m happy to dig into anything in a few days or weeks.

Laravel Livewire
67developer programozás


If you have a problem

I love my job, it's my hobby! But after the birth of my son, the family comes before anything else. Because of this I do only jobs which are interresting and motivating enough, or make our world a better place.